Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Whew! What a Week!

People are still protesting in Iran over the sham of an election. People like Neda are dying while protesting. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a huge fan of Musavi. But people should have the right to vote for their leader, and they should not be killed for protesting.

North Korea has nukes, and according to Japan, has plans to fire at Hawaii in early July. I don't think that those are the kind of fireworks we want on Independence Day.

ABC will air an ObamaCare infomercial tomorrow night, and the Republicans or anyone with an opposing viewpoint is explicitly not invited. So much for unbiased media reporting. They aren't even trying to hide it anymore.

California is bankrupt, and instead of cutting some massive pork projects, they're cutting tax exemptions and closing state parks.

Several people were killed in a DC train crash.

And Perez Hilton got punched in the face.

At least one thing in the news this week made me smile!


Anonymous said...

You are such a hypocrite... complaining about unbiased reporting.

I wish somebody would punch you in the face.

Jenny said...

I'm so flattered that you view me as a reporter! Up until now, I thought I was just a commentator.


Headless Mom said...

Apparently your next step is your own news show? ;-)

Yep, Perez deserves what he got.