Thursday, June 11, 2009

What's With All the Women Bashing?

First, Playboy published an online article that pointed out ten beautiful, conservative women, and then the author described how he would like to "hate-f*ck" them. Playboy pulled the article after some public outrage that they were promoting rape. Playboy's statement said something along the lines of, "We have supported women's rights for the more than 55 years we've been in business, but only if they're naked and need an abortion." Ok, maybe I added that last part.

Liberal reporter Bonnie Erbe was asked by Smart Girl Politics Mama Lion Teri Christoph to come to women's defense on this issue, because regardless of political conviction, we need to come together and stand up for our gender. Bonnie's response? Well, she thought it was distasteful, but one woman in particular, Michelle Malkin, invited and deserved the attack. Seriously? No one deserves to have others fantasize about raping them.

Then, a few nights ago, Letterman made horrendously distasteful comments about Sarah and Willow Palin's trip to New York. He said that Governor Palin looked like a "slutty flight attendant," and then he took a shot at Palin's daughter, saying, "during the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez." Willow is fourteen years old, by the way.

The Palins of course shot back, saying the comments were inappropriate and despicable. Letterman responded by saying that he had meant to refer to Palin's elder daughter Bristol, who is 18 and a new mom. Oh yeah, that makes it better. Excuse me while I roll my eyes.

And yesterday, Carrie Prejean was striped of her Miss California title yesterday, with the Miss Universe organization citing her inability to fulfill contract obligations as the reason for the firing. Prejean maintains that she did indeed fulfilled her obligations, was respectful to all parties involved (including sad, angry little semi-man Perez Hilton), and was shocked to learn of the firing. She even said the meanest thing I've ever heard her say, "They don't like me. From day one they wanted me out and they got what they wanted."

Stories like these make my blood boil. They demean women, and they need to stop. I do not want my two daughters growing up in a world where hate-f*ck lists and tasteless "jokes" about 14 year olds getting knocked up by grown men are culturally acceptable.

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Rocinante said...

Liberals have to bash a family like the Palins, because they don't fit the liberal mold; Palin’s family is a lot more like America than the liberal, "progressive" stereotype can allow.
There are lots of families where the woman makes more money or has a more powerful job than the man; unwed mothers are all around, and they get family and societal support, including from their churches.
These families are frequently conservative and dislike "progressive" ideas and attitudes.
"Progressives" however, with their obsession with all things racial or sexual, view themselves as the only true recourse for these "marginalized" people. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to them to knock down the Palin families of America; they just don't fit the narrative, and are very threatening.
That's why you see and hear such terribly degrading and demeaning descriptions of them from our "progressive" neighbors.
It's the same standard applied by "progressives" to the Justice Thomases, or Erik Estradas, or any other minority who dares to challenge their belief that their only chance in life is to join in with the liberal establishment.