Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AIG Bailout Mess

So many people are up in arms about the 165 million dollar bonuses promised to AIG execs. In the MSM, I've heard such comments as, "It's not fair!" and, "Why should we reward failure?"

Why indeed?

Maybe politicians should have actually read the policies and contracts in place when they decided to hand over $170,000,000,000 in tax payer funds. That's money out of our paychecks. Even if you're part of the 40% or so of working Americans that don't pay income taxes, it's money out of your boss's paycheck, and guess what? That's less money he has to pay you. Don't be bitter if you don't get that raise this year, just be thankful that you still have a job.

Now that the deed is done, pay the AIG people the money that was promised them. Let it be a lesson. Next time, please read the fine print. And the lesson for you, John and Jane America? In 2010, let's vote some people into office that actual care about us "little people" just trying to make a living, ok?

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