Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama Makes History Yet Again

Although he's only been President for two months, Obama has already shattered many records set by previous leaders of the free world. Even in his first day in office, he managed to win the unofficial "Most Money Ever Spent on an Inauguration." Heck, his election itself made history, as he is the first black man to win the position.

He's had more criminals appointed to his cabinet than any other president in the history of our great country. One of them, Tim Geitner, actually had the balls to not step down, as Richardson and Daschle did. Attorney General Eric Holder openly calls US citizens cowards and implies that we're all racists. Judd Gregg withdrew his nomination for commerce secretary not because he himself is a nasty dude, but because he just couldn't stomach the Obama Administrations plans for America.

He's spent more of our money in two months than George W. Bush spent in eight years.

I suppose this new record breaker seems like small beans in comparison to everything President Obama has accomplished since January, but it is definitely worth nothing. Tonight, he will become the first sitting president in history to appear on a talk show.

Wow, what a cool guy! Too bad coolness does not end recessions, create jobs, keep citizens safe, nor divert disasters such as ice storms, Mexican drug lord slayings, and shooting sprees in Alabama.

Coolness does not equal greatness. Celebrities should not become presidents. Can we please try to remember that in 2012?


Anonymous said...

What about R. Reagan? Was he not an actor...I would agree that todays actors and those of yesteryear are,...well made from a different clothe. But could you be more careful about how you phrase it? I personaly am shocked that Our current Pres. is on stage laughing and making jokes while the country is on fire!

Jenny said...

Yeah, but there's a difference. Reagan acted in the movies, Obama is an actor in the White House. I think we're on the same page though, just a case of semantics. ;-)

Sugar Jones said...

I think the country got a wee bit caught up in the whole American Idol bit. Here's hoping the masses awaken soon.

Anonymous said...

I noticed you have many links to political sites. Have you checked out the yet?