Saturday, February 28, 2009

California, Say Hello to the Delta Smelt!

Why should you say hello to this ugly, slimy little sea kitten? Because he is the reason your water bill is going through the roof and may be the cause of water rationing soon, as Governor Schwarzenegger declared California in a state of drought emergency.

All reports in the mainstream media are claiming that after three years of practically record low rainfall, of course there isn't enough water for all of us to use and enjoy to our hearts' content. It is true that we haven't seen as much rain as usual in the Golden State these past few years, but anyone that knows anything about geography knows that much of California is a desert climate, and historically has seen cyclical shortages of rainfall.

So why are we now in a state of drought emergency? In addition to a few years of less rainfall than average, there are California court-ordered restrictions on pumping from the *environmentally sensitive* Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, home of the smelt! We wouldn't want those ugly little buggers to go extinct, after all.

Save the Smelt!

Save the Smelt at the expense of all the repercussions that will come from cutting California residents off from one of their main water supplies. Not only will you be paying more for that precious H2O commodity, but you'll be paying more for unemployment of others, as farmers are forced to abandon their crops and fire their workers. No water=no plant growth. Also, get ready to pay exorbitant amounts of money for those groceries that do make it to your local supermarket. They were grown with expensive California water, or they were transported in from afar; either scenario will jack up the price.

Say Hello to the Smelt?

I say GOODBYE Smelt!


Anonymous said...

This cretinous comment takes ignorance of state water issues to a new low. The real debate is complex. But here's the part I'd like you to hear. We who live downstream of the dams where our rivers are diverted have the right to a healthy, flowing river. Smelt are just canaries in the coal mine. The real problem is the illegal taking of a public asset by special interests. Now that our river is being given back to us to some degree, all conservative simpletons can hear is the smelt.

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Headless Mom said...

Found you from Twitter-Will be back!

Anonymous said...

yeah, and the cananries die to save the humans.