Friday, November 7, 2008


Obama's swift ascent to the top job in the world has been made possible by a four letter word. HOPE. Hope for change. Change brings hope. Hope for more change. Well, you get the picture. I had hope that America would question The Chosen One's insane ideologies and see through his eloquence to his sadly lacking resume. No such luck.

But I still have hope.

Hope that as a nation, we can finally move past the idea that rampant racism still exists in our country. Of course there will always be pockets of individuals that believe people of color, or women, or people of a certain age (either too young or too old) are unable to achieve greatness due to those facts. But America has voted to say, Race is not an issue. We don't care about the color of his skin, we want him as our leader! In a way, I am glad that our first dark-skinned President is so lacking in achievements, because now no one can say that a black man had to work ten times harder than a white man to achieve the same level of success.

I have hope that the middle east will not implode on itself. I don't have hope that we won't be attacked by terrorists at regular intervals like we have under the leadership of Presidents soft on foreign policy and domestic defense, but at least we won't have a middle east sized hole in the planet. The appointment of Rahmbo, oops I mean Rahm Emanuel, to Chief of Staff sends a clear message to Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan that Obama does not have Muslim loyalties. If he did, he never would have chosen a Hebrew speaking Israeli as his Gatekeeper.

I have hope that Obama figured out how to graft twenties onto a sycamore so that money can now literally grow on trees. I take that back, it would be wiser to use bamboo as the host plant since it grows so rapidly and the greenies will be happy because it's a sustainable resource. I have hope for this prospect because it seems to be the only solution for funding the trillion dollars or so that he wants to spend on things like socialized health care and welfare checks to 40% of the population.

Mostly, I have hope that Obama's presidency will push the GOP back to the right where it belongs. President Bush's intense unpopularity coupled with McCain's loss last Tuesday have shown that Americans, despite their claims, do not want a moderate in office. Let's resurrect the Republican Party, remember the principles it was founded on and seek to uphold those values.

After it's inception in the mid 19th century, the Republican party promoted policies for the swift growth of industry, railroads, mines, and prosperous business that led us to become a dominant world power by the 20th century.

Our first Republican President ended slavery because ALL men were created equal. Republicans passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the very same one that had been blocked by the Democrats in 1875, the one that guarantees the right of equal access to all citizens in all public accommodations -- whether or not owned or controlled by the government. Susan B. Anthony, one of the most famous advocates for female suffrage was a Republican. She didn't live to see the 19th amendment, because it wasn't until Republicans gained control of the House and Senate that the bill was able to be passed into law. Jackie Robinson, the man that stood on a baseball field and changed pro-sports forever was an outspoken Republican.

Republicans opposed the New Deal, which has been credited with dragging the depression on for years longer than it would have had the free market been able to correct itself without government interference. Our modern hero Ronald Reagan slashed taxes and implemented supply-side economics to yank our country out of a Democrat-induced recession, took down the Berlin Wall, dissolved the USSR, and put the first woman onto the US Supreme Court.

I have hope that Republicans will get back to their conservative roots, fighting for equality for every American to have the freedom and opportunity to pursue their dreams. After four years of Obama, we're going to need it.

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