Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nancy Pelosi- Liar or Lunatic?

Maybe all that Botox has seeped into her brain. It would certainly explain the selective memory she seems to be suffering from.

In case you haven't been keeping up with the news in the past few weeks, the issue of torture has become a hot button topic. It turns out that evil US soldiers were *gasp* pouring water over terrorists' head in Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp in order to gain information about our enemies.

A few weeks ago, Speaker of the House Pelosi (aka The Wicked Witch of Washington), very firmly assured anyone that would listen that as of 2002, she had absolutely no idea that this enhanced interrogation method (or any other) was being used on terrorists detained at Gitmo.

That is until the CIA released documents clearly stating that she had, in fact, been briefed on the situation. So what did the Speaker have to say about that? She backpedaled and said that she had not been briefed on the interrogation tactics until 2003.

Rep. Jane Harmon (D-CA) was also briefed in 2003. Harmon didn't think it was right to throw water on America-hating terrorists heads, so she drafted a letter to the CIA’s general counsel to express “profound” concerns with waterboarding. (Side note- I also have profound concerns with waterboarding, particularly that it probably isn't as effective as pulling out fingernails or being repeatedly hit with a stun gun. These people hate America and want to see us all dead; why the heck wouldn't we do our best to get information from them about possible-and preventable-future attacks?)

According to the Pelosi confidant, the newly elected minority leader was told about the briefing, and that Harman was drafting a protest letter. Pelosi told Sheehy (a Pelosi aide) to tell Harman that she agreed with the letter, the Pelosi insider said. But she did not ask to be listed as a signatory on the letter, the source said, and there is no reference to her in it (This somehow reminds me of junior high, when I told Jessica to tell Ben to tell Matt that I thought it he was cute).

Since this information has come to light, the crazy Pelosi camp has stated that she didn't protest directly out of respect for "appropriate" legislative channels.

I don't know about you, but if I come face to face with something atrociously misaligned with my morals, I say something. I write letters. I blog about it. I make my voice heard, and let people know that something is happening that I do not agree with. I don't glibly spout off whatever the political ideal of the moment is. Following 9/11, people were scared, and wanted to be kept safe, even if the cost was getting a few POW's a little bit wet. After more than seven years of safety, Americans are forgetting what it's like to be afraid, and pandering Pelosi has no problem saying what she thinks people want to hear in order to get re-elected.

Nancy Pelosi is either A) A liar-how many times has she had to eat her words at this point? or B) A lunatic-and a raving one at that. My guess? A little from both column A and B.


Becky Sue said...

Im going with both.. she is a Liar AND Lunatic!

Fixedopsmike said...

She wouldn't know the truth if she was standing on it.She is a pitiful excuse for a speaker, she could carry Newits lunch much less fill his shoes. The left is trying to steal my country and the media in this country is letting it happen, they'll all pay one day for all their destruction of America. God doesn't forget!!

Anonymous said...

It only takes one glance at Nancy Pelosi to see that there is 'no one home"!!! She has no powers of true reason. She stretches her mouth, attempting to form a smile, but her eyes never change. She certainly is not working for the Lord, in her career. He says: "If you are not with me, you are against me.". For her to have the sort of power she holds is a TRAVESTY!!!