Monday, May 18, 2009

Dear California Voters,

I was planning on having an elaborate post for you all on why I plan to vote against all the propositions in the special election tomorrow. However, a teething baby has ruined my plans. Because my responsibility to be a good mother comes above my responsibility to be a good blogger, the post is not to be.

For the record, this conservative chica is voting a big fat NO on all the props tomorrow.

We don't need more of our tax dollars to be poured into the infrastructure, we just need it to be better spent.

Please, can we let the sea lions go before we let the firemen go?

The money is there already, it just needs to be better budgeted.

Please vote NO tomorrow and force the CA legislature to reallocate bureaucracy bucks into bucks that will actually do some good for our bankrupt state.

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Headless Mom said...

Unfortunately I don't think that they can/will reallocate the money properly. I want to fire the whole lot of them and start over.