Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Right Wing Extremeist Tea Parties

I have to start this post with a conversation I had with a friend earlier this evening.

Friend- "So what are your plans tomorrow?"

Me- "It's the 15th tomorrow... I have a tea party to go to!"

Friend- "What are you going to do with your kids while you're there?"

Me- "Well, they'll probably be there with me..."

Friend- "What?? I worry enough with you going to these things! Do you really think they're safe there?"

Me- *laughing* "I've been to two of these things already and seriously, it seems like half the women there have their small children with them! It's been a really great time to connect with other like-minded individuals."

Friend- "If you're sure... I trust you."

These tea parties have been wonderful. They really have been. I know they are protests, but really, they are just American citizens coming together to make a point that there are MANY of us that do not agree that the way to end the current recession is spend more money and invite more government oppression into our lives.

I have met so many caring, passionate people at the two tea parties I've attended in the past month, and I hope to meet many more tomorrow on Tax Day, April 15th. There has been no violence, no secret HuffPo or ACORN plants (that I know of), and nothing but love and pride for the freedom that our country stands for. I would be proud to have my daughters stand by my side and voice the opinion that We the People want the opportunity to work hard and achieve something of our lives.

Even my five year old daughter understands that it is wrong to take something from someone that has earned it and give it to someone that has not. "But why don't those people work hard like you and Daddy?" She has asked me on more than one occasion.

My answer? "Sometimes people can't work Baby, and when people have hard times, other people should help them. Like we give money and clothes and toys to people that don't have a lot."

Her response?

"But Mommy, if they can work, they really should."

Yes Darling Daughter, they should. Have I taught you yet the term "enabling"?

Anyway, back to my point. The Tea Parties have been the most wonderful expression of our Constitutional rights that I have ever personally witnessed. And then I read a report from the Department of Homeland Security warning law enforcement officials across the country of right wing extremism and even racism.

Ok, let me get this straight. The President of the United States of America can pal around with "God DAMN America" pastors and "We didn't do enough" domestic flag burning terrorists, but the tea party protesters are the dangerous ones? People that just want the freedom to choose their own job, doctor, and schools for their children? Oh man, watch out for those right wing nuts! All they want is FREEDOM from an oppressive government.

We can't have that, now can we?


Headless Mom said...

Yes, yes, yes. God forbid we should encourage civic responsibility and activism for anyone that does not agree with the democratic party.

Anonymous said...

I had a great career (with an actual big company -Not a McDonalds)and a home and 2 cars and my wife and I were just getting ready to start a family, when I lost my job. I've been unable to find a job for over a year now.

We lost our home, when I lost my job, couldn't afford to repair a second car, had to move in with family into a tiny cramped home and give up on our dream of having children.

McDonalds, Burger King, Carls Jr, Wal Mart, Costco, Every place that hires "Anybody" has turned me down for being overqualified.

Even with every scholarship I was able to earn, I couldn't pay for a degree in college and was forced to drop out and start job hunting.

I've struggled every step of the way, every day listening to ignorant right wing republicans, many of whom rely on Daddy's Money, Husband's Job, or just old money, and haven't had to really work in their lives, tell me that If I really wanted a job, I'd have one by now.

I can work, I am smart, I have high professional letters of recomendation into administrative careers. I, like millions of others can't get a job. I hope your daughter understands that, maybe not all, but most of the people unemployed right now had a job, and lost it. Most are struggling, and many are trying to get jobs back.

Children are mirror images of their parents. My parents actually wouldn't discuss their political opinions with me until I was in High School. They wanted me to be a free thinker. No disrespect to you or the following groups but it blows me away when these right wing conservatives, Republicans, Christians, whoever, that feel the need to preach and find "like-minded individuals", are totally surprised and proud of their children for having the same views as their parents. She listens to you rant, she probably hears the shows you watch, maybe not all at once, but piece by piece what she picks up, she imitates.

Like I said, I know this is your personal blog, and hopefully I haven't offended you, I just wanted to share my opinion.

Jenny said...

It's funny that you think that the right wingers are the ones relying on other people's money. I'm pretty sure that's a democratic concept. The liberal elite want to keep as many people as possible on the public dole.

Sure, you could say that I rely on my husband's money, since I currently don't get paid for the enormous amount of work that I do on a day to day basis. But we're a team. What I do at home allows him to be successful at his job.

As for raising children- we all raise our children to believe in something. It's impossible not to. I raise my children to trust in the Lord, to be respectful to others, and that they can do anything as long as they're willing to work hard enough for it. I am not proud of my daughter because she has the same views as myself, I am proud of her because she understands concepts like self reliance and generosity.

I'm sorry to hear about your job. It's scary right now with employers so terrified to hire anyone in these uncertain times.

Lisa Krempasky said...

I've had the same experience at the tea parties. I went to my first one that was put together in a week in February. We had 1000 people and NO issues. Can you imagine having 100 liberals protesting something and having no issues? That one had 1 counter-protester.

The April 15th tea party in St. Louis had 7000 people. Again no issues. Compare this to the recent G-20 summit when police were out in full riot gear. Compare this to the anti-tea party in DC that had I think 14 people.

We are respectful, hard-working and decent people and we will not take it any longer.